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Image purchasing information

This site offers selected images for sale. All images on this website are copyright of Michal Krzysztofowicz and are protected under the EU and International copyright laws - any use of these pictures must be in accordance with, and following the purchase of, one of the standard licences listed below, or alternatively following a written permission from the author.


All images are sold in their native resolutions (or very close to) of the camera they were taken with. For majority of the images it means either 10 mega pixels (3872x2592) or 24 mega pixels (6016x4016). Some images are slightly cropped if the framing required doing so, but their printable size should not suffer.

One notable exception is the panoramic images - these, being composites, will be larger in size than single frames above. Their size will vary.

If you're not sure what actual size the image will be delivered in, please contact me before making a purchase.


When an image displays a cart icon in the right hand top corner, you can click it and a drop down menu will show - please choose the license type appropriate to your planned usage for the image. If an image does not display the cart icon, it means that it's not currently available for sale under any of the standard licences listed below. Please contact me to discuss conditions of use.

Please note: currently the site does not offer instantaneous downloads. This is because I'm currently in Antarctica and the Internet link I have available does not permit me to upload hundreds of images in native resolution to the website. When you make a purchase, I will get in touch with you, typically within the next day, and will upload the full resolution image, with no watermark, to a website which you will be able to download it from. I know this is an inconvenience, but I have currently no other way of dealing with this.

Following is a description of available licence types and the intended uses for images - please refer to this list for clarification on which licence to purchase.

Licence Types

Please note, each licence is for single use of the image only. E.g. if you'd like to publish an image on the website and also use it in a magazine, two purchases need to be made. Similarly, the publishing licences are for a single issue of a magazine / newspaper or a single edition of a book.

Personal Use
Print the image at home to decorate a room. Use the image as desktop background / wallpaper on a computer, tablet or phone.
No redistribution allowed
Use of an image online (on a website, in social media) or in print (book, magazine, newspaper). Depending on the intended use, the publication type and the image size and placement, the following licences are available:
  • website - home or main page
  • website - subsequent pages
  • book cover
  • magazine cover
  • book or magazine interior - full page
  • book or magazine interior - ½ page
  • newspaper - front page
  • newspaper - interior / subsequent pages
  • exhibition / public display

In case your intended use of an image is not covered by any of the listed licences, or if you're in any doubt, please contact me via the Contact Form below.

Thank you very much for your interest!