Tucker Sno-Cat - Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

Tucker Sno-Cat


The most iconic vehicle used at Halley is the Sno-Cat. It's primary use is as a people carrier and it can take up to 11 passengers including the driver, however they are also used to haul medium weight load (a single sledge with a small caboose, cargo from an aircraft or a Fassi crane). They travel at whopping maximum speed around 25km/h (but we drive them a little slower to be gentle on them, especially in sastrugi covered terrain) but can provide warmth and good shelter from the weather to its occupants and with the amount of fuel they carry they can run literally for days!

Each SnoCat has a roof rack, on top of which is stored all emergency kit the people using it might need: sleeping bags, emergency clothing, lots of man-food, stoves, stove fuel and some pots and pans. Each is also equipped with a Garmin GPS unit as well as a VHF radio.