H2 Module move preparations - Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

H2 Module move preparations


The H2 Science Module is the first of the Halley VI modules being prepared for the move. After all services get disconnected and drained, all science kit moved out and everything else secured for transport, the next stage is to prepare the module's legs. Each one of them needs to be hydraulically lifted (using the same mechanism as when raising the module each year) and low friction matting is placed underneath each skid - this will assist with breaking the friction when the tow starts. To safely lift the legs, a lifting platform is put in place underneach the module to support one of its strong points. When all matting is in place, the final task is to install steel braces and a set of chains to connect all legs together, again to secure them for transport. The module is ready!