Edge of crevasse - Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

Edge of crevasse


Day 3 of my second winter trip.

This was a very intensive day. We got up early in the morning to pack everything and fold up camp, with the intentions to travel back from Windy Bay via Halley Station to The Rumples for a bit of exploration there, however a broken throttle cable on one of the Skidoos got in the way. We abandoned the broken skidoo near Windy Bay Caboose and drove back to base on three doos, had some lunch there, and afterwards myself and Mat went back to Windy to pick the broken down machine up and tow it back.

In the evening we used the opportunity that weather improvement gave us, and decided to head towards N9 to a crevasse which opened up last year very close to the flag line and about half way there.

In the image, Mat and Ross are sitting at the edge of the crevasse, while Greig is jumaring back up the rope. From the brief investigation, it looks like the crevasse is about 50m across at its widest point, and at least 30-35m deep at the place we've seen (possibly deeper). Very cool!