Creek 7 - Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

Michal Krzysztofowicz Photography

Creek 7


The RRS Ernest Shackleton is moored up to the sea ice at a site called Creek 7. This site hasn't been in use for ages (or maybe never) - Creek 3 was in use most recently when the relief couldn't be done at N9.

This picture is a stitched panorama, made out of eight individual images. These have been taken from the edge of the ice shelf (just on top of the ramp leading off the ice shelf on the sea ice), and the ship is some 200m away. Each creek is an old chasm, which over the years slowly filled with snow, at the same time moving closer and closer to the edge of the ice shelf. The snow which fills the chasm creates a natural ramp, making the site suitable for relief, as it provides access from the sea ice onto the ice shelf.